Will the 2015 Super Bowl Live Up To Expectations - Who Thinks So?

The 2015 Super Bowl is one of those occasions that not only grips an entire nation. It also lives in the minds of the fans for many years to come. There are always incidents and plays to look back on, and it's very rarely ever the same comparing from one year to the next.

This year's 2015 Super Bowl as always looks to be an intensely exciting matchup. Will the game be a very close encounter, or will one of the teams literally run away with the game?

One thing that's bound to be on every fans mind is that the Seahawks will enter the game being the first team making back to back trips since when the Patriots accomplished this a decade earlier.

One would think this is bound to add a little spice to the matchup and it would be unusual if just this fact alone doesn't create a little more tension to the proceedings, certainly as far as the Seahawks are concerned.

It seriously looks like being an enthralling encounter with the Seattle's defence ranking way atop the league. With 15.9 points per game and 267.1 total yards per game allowed, one might actually think the Seahawks are all about defence, oh no, that's definitely not the case.

Behind quarter back Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch they enjoy leading the league in top rushing. Duel threat quarterback Wilson ran for 849 yards accomplishing 7 yards a carry. This alone was far more than any other quarterback in the league and was 16th overall against any other competing player.

Lynch stormed away with over 1300 rushing yards giving him a career high of 13 touchdowns in the 2014 season, so a formidable battle looks likely to ensue. So what for the Patriots after their 3 year absence, can they expect a different outcome than before?

They certainly look healthier and more talented than last time. In their last appearance Rob Gronkowski All-Pro tight end, was severely restricted with an ankle injury and was unable to land with the ball for the contest final play, costing the Patriots the game.

This time their ground game is greatly improved with LeGarrette Blount ploughing through unshakeable defences. Could this make the difference? It seems it possibly could, although never say never, especially for this 2015 Super Bowl. It's bound to be a cracker!