The Rumored Mayweather Super bowl bet

The name Floyd Mayweather Jr. will certainly ring a bell as the world champion boxer, but other than that, he holds another prestigious and highly commended title in the world of gambling - 'The Sports Gambling King'. Granted that he has this highly credited title in terms of waging, he certainly lived up to it, and didn't fail to place his money on the line during the epic and legendary Super Bowl. It was even believed and reported that the mayweather super bowl bet is probably the biggest bet he had made.

Floyd "Money" Mayweather - he is often referred to with this name and is even rumored to place millions of money even on a single event in sports. When the topic is sports betting, it is expected that the King will surely wage tons of money, especially on events like NBA Playoffs, BCS Bowl and of course, the Super Bowl.

He even claims that the average bet he makes in a week amounts up to $100,000 and even puts his bet on uncertain bets with the kick of his guts alone. On September 2012, it was even reported by Grantland that Mayweather had posted 53 slips for betting on twitter reaching about $4 million and is said to have won 52 of the 53 slips. This record has earned him the doubt of people, claiming that he could be a psychic, a time traveler, or just simply, the luckiest man there is over the course of gambling history.

It is even believed that Mayweather may have been throwing losing slips and burning them on fire never to be known by the world, and only shows winning slips on his tweets. This further convinced people as he never pose tweets of slips before a game occurs. The losing slip he posted was believed to be just a courtesy to make the wins he made to be more believable, but it certainly stayed to be an impossible feat. Regardless of that, there was a tweet from Vegas Gambling that the King has placed an astonishing $10.4 million bet, favoring Denver Bronco to triumph against the Seahawks of Seattle with two points or more. Unfortunately, it was reported that the man himself denied the rumor - as he told his personal therapist.

The Mayweather super bowl bet - we will probably only be able to know if this is true, when Denver Bronco wins, as when the Seattle triumphs, it is probably guaranteed that he can easily deny the rumor as the loss will extremely be humiliating. All we could do now in regards to this astounding bet, is to wait.