Check Out All These Super Bowl Prop Bets - Something For Everyone!

Come the time of year everyone likes to get involved in a little extra betting action, where is better to look towards than Bovada and some of their super-duper Super Bowl prop bets?

Every year there are some fun bets on offer that one can play for some extra added fun and it has to be said this year's Super Bowl prop bets live up to the usual kind of creativity that gamblers and sports bettors alike have become accustomed to, let's dive in and take a look at some of them!

Duration of Idina Menzel's rendition of the National Anthem.

Under 2 minutes 1 second (-110) Over 2 minutes 1 second (-130)

Here's the bet everyone likes to jump on. Who can resist in figuring if the gals a real patriot, she'll want to drag it out as long as possible, so might over 2 minutes be where all the smart money will be going?

Will Idina Menzel omit or forget one of the words of the official National Anthem?

No (=600) Yes (+400)

Hey guys, it wasn't that long ago that Christine Aguilera forgot a whole darn verse for heaven's sake and the boys at Bovada are giving a 4:1 payout that this chick won't even forget one word with all the zillions watching her on their big screens at home? No nerves, oh really? Can't help thinking this might be one of the bets of the day!

After Kickoff who will be the first coach to have his name mentioned?

Bill Belichick (-130) Pete Carroll (-110)

With everything that's gone on with DeflateGate this one could hold a twist if one gives it a bit of thought. Perhaps it's not the obvious answer everyone would expect after all. It could go along the lines of "So do you think Pete Carroll will have all this Belichick news running at the back of his mind?" Make sense? Easy play, easy money, easy pickin's Pete Carroll's the selection.

Which Coach after the Kickoff will be the first shown on TV?

Bill Belichick (-130) Pete Carroll (-110)

If this one plays out to form and there's no reason to suspect otherwise, Belichick should grab his customary 85% air time, so he's got to be the selection.

That will be enough for getting on with for this year's Super Bowl prop bets, some nice extra cash to look forward to. Nobody wants to miss any of the game action, then there's the gorgeous Kate Perry at the half time show too. Now there's a thought. One really can't help wondering if she'll be wearing pants, shorts, a skirt or a dress, oh well, never mind, enjoy!